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Clixpin Founder: Four Years of Dedication and Dreams

Hello! I'm Charlotte Serrano, a proud Puerto Rican, born in Ponce, and raised in Juana Diaz. As a mother, I've always prioritized my child, but I also had dreams of my own to fulfill. My career as a professional dancer took me to amazing heights, including top-five rankings three times in the World Salsa Cabaret Championships from 2007 to 2016. I've danced with renowned artists like Snoop Dogg, Don Omar, Akon, and Natti Natasha. I've been part of the "Sábado Gigante" dance cast, working with artists such as Tito el Bambino and Romeo Santos. My career expanded to include emceeing, hosting, reporting, and more.

But life has many chapters, and I ventured into various fields, from social work to solar energy consulting. However, the traditional nine-to-five job wasn't my style.

My academic journey began in 2004 when I earned a Bachelor's Degree in Sociology from La Salle University in Philadelphia. In 2007, I gained certification from the Artist Teacher Institute Professional Development at Rutgers University, broadening my expertise. In 2008, I pursued 12 semester credits in Business Administration at Phoenix University in Miami, with dreams of completing a master's degree. Unfortunately, life had other plans.

In 2012, I moved to New York for my second attempt at a master's degree. While I didn't achieve my original goal, I acquired 24 master's level credits from NYU, enhancing my knowledge of dance education.

Finally, in 2022, after two prior unsuccessful attempts and a decade later, I earned a Master's degree in Digital Marketing at the Universidad del Sagrado Corazón in Puerto Rico. This equipped me with skills for managing marketing campaigns, enhancing online visibility, and optimizing websites. The same year, I achieved certification as a tour guide from ICPR College, completing a rigorous 400-hour training program.

In 2023, I registered with the Department of Recreation and Sports of the Government of Puerto Rico as a Salsa Instructor. I'm actively working towards certification as a Recreational Leader for the Elderly, demonstrating my commitment to education and community engagement.

My dance career was significant, but the limited lifespan of a dancer and my aversion to the traditional 8-to-5 job led to the birth of CLIXPIN. It's a centralized platform born out of the need for secure and well-organized hosting for income-generating services, serving my freelance needs and those of fellow entrepreneurs.

As I ventured into creating CLIXPIN, I put aside my academic and entertainment industry background and embraced the role of an Uber driver to gain financial stability and flexibility. During this time, the idea for Salsa Tours PR was born, and it marked my transition from an Uber driver to an entrepreneur, offering both income and flexibility.

Today, CLIXPIN is a reality, ready for all merchants interested in creating an online store. So, if you've ever wondered how to establish an online store, generate passive income, and do so on a resource-rich platform without an upfront investment, look no further. CLIXPIN is the ideal solution, bridging the gap between entrepreneurial aspirations and reality. It's a guarantee from a woman who's dedicated countless hours to this project, someone who wishes success and, above all, happiness for all. The journey continues, and the future is bright.